Uroš Stoklas is a new Guinness record owner

Multiple world champion and top athlete Uroš Stoklas has once again achieved the impossible and entered the Guinness Book of Records. He was the first in history to complete a 24-hour bowling marathon. He fought for this extraordinary achievement on Friday, 15.4. 2022 in Radlje ob Drava, he threw the first throw at 16:00, and the last at 16:00 the next day.

The record holder played according to the rules of the International Sport Rules of the WNBA-NBC (International Sport Rules the NBC – ISR, Version 5.04 – Stand 1st of July 2021) on 9 pins. In the 24. hours, he played 24 matches in the individual discipline of men/women, i.e. 4 series of throws of 30 throws combined (15 full throws, 15 clean throws), 10 warm-up throws and a few full throws until the end. He played all series of shots on the second lane of the four-lane bowling alley.

After every full hour played, he was allowed 5 minutes of rest in the dressing room, and he also had masseurs, which are still necessary during such a physical test.

In 24 games, Uroš threw 2,880 throws, knocked down 14,944 pins with an average of 622.66 points per game. He threw 1440 throws with which he knocked down 9554 pins, and with 1440 throws to clean up 5390 pins . Of these, all 9 pins fell 291 times.

Legends of Slovenian, Yugoslav and world bowling: Rajko Bizjak, Uroš Stoklas, Nikola Dragaš and Franc Kirbiš
Currently the best four bowlers in the world: Csongor Barany, Uroš Stoklas, Vilmoš Zavarko and Tamas Kiss.

When setting the record, several world-renowned players take turns bowling alongside him, including the first names of Yugoslav bowling: Darko Bizjak, Nikola Dragaš, Franc Kirbiš and representatives of the world bowling elite: Vilmoš Zavarko, Csongor Barany and Tamas Kiss. Multiple world and European champion, legendary bowler Marika Kardinar-Nagy also came to support the record setter, as well as his family and many domestic and foreign fans.

The list of all set records is as follows:

1. 24 hours of continuous bowling

2. 2880 throws in 24 hours

3. 9554 pins knocked down in the discipline

in the discipline of cleaning up 5390 pins

5. knocked down all nine pins 291 times in 24 hours